Veteran Resources

  • Community Action Agency of Delaware County Veteran Helpline

    • 610-874-8451


  • Resources for Human Development


    • Database for services. Nonprofit with a multitude of services that include IDD, behavioral health, addiction recovery, homelessness, women and children. family health/counseling, youth development, and veteran services. 


  • Merakey Fresh Start Program


    • Services include emergency housing, a mobile care coordination team, shared or individual permanent housing, transitional housing, and housing for veterans with a serious mental illness.

    • Philadelphia: 215-423-5609 | 215-227-4280 ext.200 

    • Coatesville: 610-380-1285 | 610-384-7711 ext. 6301

    • Veterans' Mobile Care Coordination (VMCCT): 215-427-2096

    • Permanent Housing Opportunities For Veterans: 610-380-1285                                                           

  • Taylor Made Vets

    • Call Brian Taylor 267-207-8131 


    • Veteran resource service organization dedicated to providing veterans with support and opportunities.                                                                                                                                    

  • Compeer of Suburban Philadelphia


    • 610-541-0790

    • Provides voluntary companionship and socialization programs for individuals with mental illness/recovery. 

    • Compeer CORPS

    • Provides voluntary companionship and socialization programs for veterans. 

All organization requests such as adding a resource, changing existing resource information, or adding an event to the calender please email Delco Resources at

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